I'm Brenna

The face behind Arise... a fully qualified Transformational Breath® facilitator & group leader, as well as an Intuitive Life Coach & creative based in north London.I facilitate 1:1 breathwork sessions & group workshops online & in person from Seven Sisters Sanctuary; a cosy oasis of calm in north London (see below for prices).I also run workshops at festivals, sessions within the workplace & love collaborating with other wellbeing practitioners to offer transformational retreats to share the power of breathwork.

What is Transformational Breath®?

Transformational Breath® is a simple yet powerful breathwork practice which benefits every level of your being... physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.Using a deep diaphragmatic & connected breath (no pauses between inhale & exhale) helps release tension, integrate any emotions you might be carrying around & connect you to your intuition.Sessions include acupressure, sound, movement & positive affirmations to help soothe your soul.

Benefits of Transformational Breath®

🔸 Opens your respiratory system for more energy
🔸 Massages your internal organs & helps ease tension
🔸 Detoxification (70% of toxins leave through exhale)
🔸 Boosts your immune system
🔸 Eases stress & anxiety
🔸 Releases any emotions you're carrying around
🔸 Clears patterns of self sabotage & negative self talk
🔸 Regulates your emotions
🔸 Improves mental clarity & focus
🔸 Helps you connect to yourself & others
🔸 Improves connection to your intuition
🔸 Expands self awareness
🔸 Increases creativity & flow of life

1:1 sessions - in person & online

1:1 BREATH SESSIONS IN PERSON (Seven Sisters Sanctuary, London N15):🔸 Arise & Shine
Introduction to Transformational Breath, 2 hours, £135
Includes intention setting, 45 min breathe, 15 min relaxation, post session sharing
🔸Follow up sessions, 90 mins: £120🔸Deep Dive
Go deeper into your breath & let things arise from within. Suitable for both beginners & those with experience.
3 x sessions, £320 (worth £375)
5 x sessions, £540 (worth £615)
🔸Couple up; breath sessions for partners/ friends, 2 hours, £1901:1 BREATH SESSIONS ONLINE (on Zoom)🔹 Arise & Shine online
Introduction to Transformational Breath, 90 mins, £120
🔹Follow up online, 75 mins: £100🔹Deep Dive online
3 x sessions, £270 (worth £320)
5 x sessions, £450 (worth £520)
🔹Couple up online; breath session for two, 90 mins: £170Private group workshops/ corporate wellbeing (in person or online) available on request - get in touch for more details

Transformational Breath® is for you if...

✓ You'd like to discover your own unique breath pattern
✓ You’re keen to explore the power of your own breath
✓ You’ve been feeling tired, anxious or stressed
✓ You’d like to feel lighter, brighter, clearer & calm
✓ You’d like to give yourself some love & nourishment
✓ You’d like to feel more connected to yourself & other people
✓ You'd like to get out of your head & into your body

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I’ve never tried breathwork before, what happens in a 1:1 session?
We'll have a short coaching session, set an intention, then you'll breathe for 45 mins followed by 15 mins of relaxation/ integration.
How many sessions should I book?
A bundle of 5 sessions is great for helping you go deeper into the breath & deal with anything you might be currently going through. If you just want to try it for the first time, then book a solo Arise & Shine session.
What do I need to bring with me?
Just yourself in comfy loose clothes, water bottle, journal & pen (in case you want to write things down post session).
Why should I choose Transformational Breath® over other types of breathwork?
Transformational Breath® Foundation is an accredited breathwork school with the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance. It was awarded ‘Best Complementary Medicine Organisation’ by the Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine. The training is very thorough, with facilitators completing 7 weeks of training, completing over 100 hours of case studies & attending a first aid course.
I’m pregnant, is it ok to book?
Unless your pregnancy is very delicate then yes it's safe to have a session... there are certain acupressure points I would avoid but please email me to discuss in more detail.
I have some medical complications, can I still book a session?
There are some contraindications with breathwork, so if you have any medical complications or concerns please get in touch and let's chat before you book your session.

My Story

Back in 2016 my life looked great on paper... I had a great job, owned a flat, went on nice holidays... but something didn't feel right & that feeling wouldn't go away.I didn't trust myself or my intuition, my head always led over my heart. I struggled to be vulnerable & open, to fully connect with people. Enough was enough! So I left everything behind to travel India & Nepal, exploring various modalities along the way (yoga, Vipassana meditation, Human Design, astrology etc). I set up my soulful photography business (brennaduncan.co.uk) & trained as a life coach blending the two together.In 2018 I experienced Transformational Breath® for the first time & was blown away by the sheer power of my own breath. I had a big emotional release that first time - rolling around on the floor laughing & crying simultaneously. It was MEGA! I felt lighter, clearer & more connected to myself than ever before... I knew this was going to be a huge part of my healing journey, so I immediately signed up for a week long seminar in Glastonbury.I remember the facilitator telling me my breath pattern showed that I was protecting my heart... unable to fully let people in. That struck a chord. Fast forward & here I am ready to share this incredible practice with you.Over three years of going deep into the breath & I feel able to trust myself & my intuition more, my relationships with friends & family have improved & I'm much happier & balanced.Are you intrigued? Book a session with me today & start your breath journey to a happier & more fulfilling life.

Transformational Breath® Foundation is an accredited breathwork school with the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance.Transformational Breath® is accredited by the British Register of Complementary Practitioners.Transformational Breath® Foundation UK was awarded ‘Best Complementary Medicine Organisation’ by the Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine.

Get in touch & let me know what breathwork session you're interested in booking. Whether it's a 1:1 breathwork session, bundle of sessions, a private workshop or perhaps you're interested in collaborating on an event. I'm more than happy to answer any questions you might have. Please fill out the form below with as much detail as possible & I'll come back to you as soon as I can.